About Us

About Eccentriq

Eccentriq Development Solutions LLC (EDS) is a multifaceted graphic design and web development company located in Jacksonville, Florida. 24 year U.S. Navy veteran and founder Jaime Quiñones has provided quality graphic design services to businesses of all sizes and budgets. His wide spectrum of design services makes him the ideal solution for all your graphic design and web-based needs.


We will strive to provide high-quality, low-cost graphic design services as well as create and maintain web sites for individuals, organizations and businesses. We will collaborate with the client and create an attractive, informative and reasonably priced web site that meets and exceeds the client’s expectations and needs. We protect the privacy and integrity of our clients' information and the security and reliability of their web presence. We will always operate in a professional, prompt manner with a focus on customer satisfaction.


Our goal is to provide a quality product to a satisfied customer and ensure that all small companies receive the same quality service and web mastering that the corporate businesses do. If you are not happy, we aren't happy. Eccentriq Development Solutions would not be here without a strong, business working relationship between Eccentriq and you, the customer.