VP-30 P-3 Sundown Swag

At the request of VP-30 and after the successful P-3 Sundown Event this past June, the command wanted to offer these commemorative products to the masses after the demand was overwhelming and products available at the event sold out quickly. The P-3 Aircraft and the many Sailors who served at the command did so honorably for 60 years! From June 1963 to June 2023. 

Those local to NAS JACKSONVILLE can support the command directly as long as local supplies of the patch and coin last.

COINS & PATCHES (Version 2.0): These two items are being offered as a preorder. All items will ship on or before September 1, 2023. Version 2.0 fixes the red and white stripes at the tip of each prop blade. 

T-SHIRTS, MUGS & MORE: All other items will ship immediately!

Proceeds from the sale of all P-3 items on our website will go back to VP-30.