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It takes more than pulling a trigger to fire the Navy's weapons. In America’s Navy, Gunner's [GNR] are THE first and last line of defense, and that requires serious ammunition, guts, and selfless service which is coupled with tons of SACRIFICE! As a Gunner’s Mate, that falls on each and every one of YOU! Mount, stow, and secure all weaponry, repair and calibrate defense systems, and maintain guided missile launchers, rocket launchers, gun mounts, and all other ordnance. If it shoots, it’s your responsibility. Whether your ship is assisting Marines with combat operations or defending itself from terrorist threats, it’s up to you as a Gunner’s Mate to oversee all weaponry on board and train the crew to fight the fight.

If you are currently one, have been one, or retired as one; THANK YOU! We owe you! BIG TIME! 🇺🇸 Your country supports you and is in debt to you! Without you, they Navy would be a cruise line! 🚢

[GNR] is about YOU. Your pride, your service, and your sacrifice in the preservation of our FREEDOM. Wear it proudly and serve with honor! Your legacy awaits you!

With Thanks & Gratitude,

Jaime Quinones, GMC(SW/AW/IW), USN, Ret. | CEO & Co-Owner   

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